Transip Stack Storage in Air Explorer

Air Explorer has added new cloud file servers in the new version.  Transip Stack Storage is a German cloud server that gives you 1000 GB of free for your files. You can add it to Air Explorer easily.

First sign up in Transip Stack Storage and create your own account.


When you finish to sing up in Transip Stack Storage, in Air Explorer open the Account window, select the Transip Stack Storage logo and enter your user, password and server.


To fill the server gap you have to click in your name account in the web interface and click in “Configuration”. The server name alway has this format:


Then you can work with it. Transip Stack Storage support in Air Explorer includes file searching, transfers to and from other servers, etc.


New versions: Air Explorer 2.1.0. for Windows and Air Explorer 1.2.0. for Mac

new version 06a

List of changes for Air Explorer 2.1.0. for Windows:
-Added Transip Stack Storage.
-Added Dattodrive.
-Fixed uploading files to Mega.
-Fixed move files in some WebDAV servers.
-Improved upload speed.
-Fixed Google Drive did not recognize .mp3 or .doc files in some computers.
-Improved stability.
-Updated Malay translation (Thanks to Martopotamus).
-Updated Lituanian translation (Thanks to Hobis).
-Updated Polish translation (Thanks to Janusz).
-Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks to Igor).
-Updated Chinese translation (thanks to GT Wang).
-Updated Russian translation (thanks to Timofey).

List of changes for Air Explorer 1.2.0. for Mac:
-Added Transip Stack Storage.
-Added Dattodrive.
-Fixed uploading files to Mega.
-Fixed move files in some WebDAV servers.

Scheduler function in Air Explorer

With the scheduler function of Air Explorer you can leave prepared the tasks of synchronizing and transferring files so that they are done in the schedule that you decide automatically.


Once you add a new task, the scheduler window will open. In this window you have to specify if you want to schedule a copy or a synchronization.



You also have to indicate the schedule in which the task will be carried out.


Once the task is scheduled, in the main scheduler window you will see the task with a brief summary.


Scheduled tasks will run in the background even if Air Explorer is closed.

BAIDU folder in Air Explorer

Air Explorer requires a folder named AirExplorer and located in “Application Data” (全部文件) to be created. This folder is created automatically when the account is connected to Air Explorer. But if for some reason the folder is not created it is needed to be created by hand. If the folder does not exists, please create it. If it already exits delete it and try to register the account again in Air Explorer (delete the account in Air Explorer and add it again).

Since you have another account that works you can view where the AirExplorer folder is created and create it in the same location in your other account.


baidu cloud problema

Encrypt uploads with Air Explorer

When you upload files or folders with Air Explorer you can encrypt them. It is very easy, you only have to activate the “Encrypt Uploads” button.

Then a window asks you about a password that you will need later to decrypt it.

With the new version of Air Explorer, you can encrypt file names. To view the file name, you can click on the button “View original file names for encrypted files”.The file is still encrypted but you can check the name.



When an encrypted file is download, it will be automatically unencrypted and the file name change to the original name.


Air Explorer 2.0.1., new version


List of changes:

-Cleaner interface with new icons and more Windows 10 looking.
-Added scheduler. Now it is possible to schedule synchronizations or file transfers at certain times. Scheduled tasks will run in the background even if Air Explorer is closed.
-Added option to encrypt file names.
-Lower memory usage.
-Added proxy authentication support.
-Option to decrypt local drive files.
-Speed limiter now works better.
-Synchronization tasks now are also limited by the speed limits configured in preferences.
-Synchronization window was not displayed correctly in some screen resolutions.
-Fixed WebDAV connection to some servers like Dattodrive.
-Fixed Box login required after running 2 consecutive synchronizations in command line mode.
-Fixed issue with -runsync command.
-Clear files selection when the current folder is changed.
-Do not show free space and quota for servers that don’t give these values.
-Improved FTP support.
-Fixed issue transferring folders between clouds in command line.
-Double click to open a saved synchronization.
-Updated Chinese translation (thanks to 李雅婷 ).
-Updated Rusian translation (thanks to Timofey).
-Updated Japanese translation (thanks to Tilt).
-Updated Korean translation (thanks to JaeHyung).

Preview view in Air Explorer

In Air Explorer you can see the preview of files for most of the supported clouds choosing “Very large icons”.


Air Explorer allows to preview videos too from your cloud servers. Once you upload the video, select it and right click to open the menu and select “Play”.


Air Explorer will open your default video player to play the video.

Remember not all the cloud servers allow to play video directly.  These are the cloud servers that should work without problems: Google Drice, Box, Onedrive, Dropbox, Mediafire, Baidu and Yandex.

If your default video player does not play the videos, we recommend you to install VLC Media Player (

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