Manage files in the clouds with Command Line

Air Explorer has a command line client that allows you to perform some operations with the cloud servers without having to open Air Explorer. It can be very useful to automate file transfers,synchronizations, etc, in batch jobs that can run automatically.

The first step is to activate this function in the Options screen. It is only available for Pro accounts. Remember to add your command line password.


To access the command line window you can open the CMD from the start menu or from the shortcut in the “View” menu.


Available operations are: upload, download, create folder, synchronize, delete, copy, move, list directory, rename and get quota. Optionally the result of the command (logs) can be saved in a file.


To run the operations you can follow the instructions shown on the command line panel.


For example you will be able to run commands like this one:

AirExplorerCmd.exe upload “fileName.doc” “MyBoxAccount” “/documents” /password=****

To upload a file (fileName.doc) to a cloud server (Box) in a specific destination folder in the cloud (/documents).

Air Explorer 1.14.0., new version


List of changes:

-Support for Command Line (more info).
-Faster start of upload folders, folders are created while uploading.
-Faster start of transfer folders, folders are created while transferring and calculates the total size up to 8 times faster.
-Faster start of download folders, analyze the folders now is up to 8x faster and folders are created while downloading.
-Improved upload performance to Mediafire.
-Auto refresh free space indicator each 10 MB uploaded if free space <1 GB or each 100 MB uploaded if free space > 1 GB.
-Copied cloud files now can be pasted as text to get the full path of a file or folder (this text can be used easily later in the Air Explorer command line tool).
-Fixed error showing logs window.
-Fixed issue with some file names in WebDAV.
-Fixed issue moving accounts up or down.
-Fixed issue removing accounts with the same name.
-Fixed issue importing accounts with the same name.
-Fixed folder type in folder properties window.
-Accounts window can now be resized.
Updated Russian translation (thanks to Timofey).
-Updated Korean translation (thanks to JaeHyung).

Migrate from OneDrive to Mega with Air Explorer


If you work with OneDrive but the 5 GB for free are not enough and you do not want to pay 2 € a month for 50 GB, you have the option to create a MEGA account that offers 50 GB for free. Migrating your files from OneDrive to Mega is easy thanks to Air Explorer.

To start the task you only have to register the accounts of OneDrive and MEGA in Air Explorer. Open both, each in a different window and drag all the files from one to another. in Air Explorer

Air Explorer is always adding new cloud file servers as a to be the most complete software to manage cloud servers. is a Russian cloud server that gives you 25 GB of free for your files. You can add it to Air Explorer easily.

First sign up in and create your own account.


Part of the sign up process is to create an email account.


When you finish to sing up in, in Air Explorer open the Account window, select the logo and enter your user/email account and password.



Then you can work with it. support in Air Explorer includes viewing thumbnails, file searching, transfers to and from other servers, etc.

Air Explorer 1.13.0., new version


List of changes:

-Added Cloud support (files up to 2 GB).
-Fixed FTP connections to some servers.
-Fixed FTP file dates for some servers.
-Play audio files online with VLC or your default player.
-Fixed save synchronization button was not visible in low resolution screens.
-Updated Polish translation (thanks to Janusz).
-Updated Lithuanian translation (thanks to Hobis).
-Updated Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt).

Transfers speed between clouds in Air Explorer


The transfers speed between cloud servers depends on your internet connection and those servers speed. Air Explorer creates a bridge between the clouds using your computer, for privacy reasons no data is sent to the Air Explorer server, the data is sent from one server to the other via your own computer (and Internet connection), in this way the data remains private.

Register OneDrive for Business account in Air Explorer

First, you have to create an account in OneDrive for Business.


If the OneDrive for business account is inside an organization, it needs to have administrator rights to be able to connect with 3rd party applications or the administrator must give the user account rights to use 3rd party applications.

Follow the steps on the link below to grant the rights:

Then, you can enter your password and user in Air Explorer and start to work with it.


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